Real Estate

Real Estate

rutland & partners offers assistance to clients with their real estate matters in the Czech Republic. We offer complete legal services connected to real estate, where our lawyers have more than 25 years experience on the Czech market. Our services are effective and affordable. rutland & partners also provides one stop shop solutions for acquisition and management of your real estate in the Czech Republic from purchase, through management, to its disposal (apartments, houses, plots of land for construction, commercial real estate, including hotels). We are also experienced in leasing of offices and apartments in the Czech Republic and we can arrange asset management of your real estate in Prague (leasing, rent collection, condominium fee payments, representation at condominium meetings and other matters.


Scope of Services


Once you locate the real estate you like and consider buying or selling, you need the reliable and efficient legal advice of a Czech real estate lawyer. The sale of real estate is relatively easy but in the Czech Republic is highly technical. Foreigners can own real estate assets in the Czech Republic directly or within a corporation without any special legal limitations. However, you need to be careful about the proof of ownership and encumbrances, which must be assured. The Registration of the real estate in the Czech Cadaster is not a proof of ownership. Therefore even minimal due diligence is usually necessary to avoid any future problems. Also, for any construction in the Czech Republic, you have to go through an extremely technical procedure to obtain a zoning and construction permit. Here you often need qualified legal assistance if there is opposition to your building plan from the neighbors or local authorities


• real estate due diligence (always necessary to a certain extent, even if you are buying only an apartment, as you can inherit prior unpaid condominium fees)
• company due diligence in case you buy real estate in a company (legal, tax and financial)
• purchase and sale agreements of apartments, individual houses, plots of land
• negotiating a mortgage with your bank
• providing escrow services and preparing escrow agreements in cases of asset transactions (necessary in any Czech real estate asset deal)
• assistance with closing your real estate transaction
• leases of apartmensts, individual houses and offices
• leases of commercial real estate (shops, offices, hotels, and other commercial premises)
• construction agreements with suppliers
• condominium assitance (representing client at the condominium meetings, filing actions and claims against condominium)


Real Estate Litigation


Sometimes things go wrong. A competent Czech litigator can assure that you reach a good settlement of your case as litigation can get expensive. We always try to provide our clients with reasonable advice on possible success of their case and the cost of the procedure if they decide to pursue litigation. Usually we try to find the most effective way to resolve the client‘s matter without unnecessary costs, as the procedure in front of the Czech courts can be very lenghty and the result is not always certain. However, with zoning and construction permits, litigation with local administration is usually necessary and we are specialists in such matters. It is an unfortunate reality that often the local authorities will only take you seriously if you sue them.


• real estate title litigation
• lease validity litigation
• litigation with construction suppliers
• administrative litigation with Czech authorities regarding construction permits

Key contacts

Monika Rutland is Czech real estate lawyer who has been helping both Czech and foreign private clients in local real estate matters for over 25 years. She has deep knowledge of the Czech real estate law and assisted clients in numerous apartment and house purchases/sales (including luxury apartments and houses), commercial leasing (retail and office), and construction matters. She is also representing private clients in administrative appeals in regard to their construction permit denials by Czech authorities.