rutland & partners is one of the few Czech law firms that specializes in representing defense producers and contractors in the Czech Republic. Our attorneys have wide range experience in representing clients in different matters relating to defense, including public procurement, defense materials supply contracts and license granting procedure to PPP projects. During its long-term practice, the rutland & partners has provided advisory to its clients in the field of import and export of defense products (including relevant license obtaining), production, reimport of assembled defense products and formation of joint ventures with foreign partners and investors.



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To be able to produce and export defense materials from the Czech Republic the company in question needs a license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We are experienced in obtaining such licenses for clients and advising on the conditions for obtaining thereof.

We have a lot of experience also with the approval procedure of each export or import of defense material by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and, therefore, we can help our clients with the preparation of the required paperwork.

The persons involved in the military material and arms trade have to obtain the security clearance at the National Security Authority. Rutland & partners experienced lawyers can provide helpful guidance in the process.

Import and Export of defense products

rutland & partners also have experience in import and export of defense materials including tax and Czech custom issues (including, but not limited to questions of VAT application for non EU exporters, export licenses)

  • licensing
  • custom issues
  • VAT issues

Reimport of assembled defense products

Our Czech lawyers also represented clients in matters regarding assembly and montage abroad of Czech components and reimport of finished defense products from foreign countries to the Czech republic


We also assist several clients in their production of defense products in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we can advise our clients on the very specific requirements of the licensing procedure for production of military material and arms.

Defense Contracts and JVs

We assist clients in drafting and negotiation of supply and sale contracts and also completed several joint ventures of Czech companies related to production of defense products

  • sale and purchase contracts
  • joint ventures with foreign partners and investors
  • corporate structuring with focus on the law regulating arms trade in the Czech Republic