White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime

rutland & partners offers clients legal assistance in dealing with government investigations, including investigations of possible tax offences, criminal litigations and other enforcement matters. The white-collar practice is led by our partner Jan Balada who has substantial experience in defending clients, both natural and legal persons, through all phases of criminal investigations as well as criminal proceedings.


Our fields of expertise include:


• Defense and representation in relation to financial, computer and internet fraud, public and private corruption, money-laundering, securities fraud, antitrust and market abuses cases
• Advice on internal investigations with particular respect to business fraud, business opportunity fraud and due diligence projects
• Preventive and compliance measures in order to avoid dangerous and expensive exposure to criminal charges and civil liability, including drafting internal anti-corruption and anti-money laundering rules, internal strategic plans demanded by multinational enforcement authorities and implementation of compliance system
• Legal counseling and representation of corporate clients in regard to corporate liability and corporate crime
• Assistance with parallel proceedings, such as shareholder suits, trade secret enforcement and other private civil actions
• Representation of clients charged with tax evasion or tax fraud


The primary objective of our practice is to resolve potential criminal liability of the client before charges are brought by state. The lawyers of rutland & partners are strongly endorsed for its corporate compliance advice as well as its criminal defense work. Due to their deep understanding of the white collar crime in the Czech Republic and its prevention, lawyers at rutland & partners are natural choice above all for foreign corporate clients.

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