Ready Made Companies

Ready Made Companies

If you want to quickly start a business in the Czech Republic, rutland & partners (through our affiliated firm Quick Companies) can help you to do it the next day by selling you one of its ready-made companies. Or, if you want to start a totally new company we can establish it for you in several days. Both processes are easy and they can also be done from abroad based on a Power of Attorney. Below we describe the basic types of companies in the Czech Republic. We can also arrange for you the seat of the company as well as tax registration and accounting services.



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Types of companies and other corporate bodies in the Czech Republic

• s.r.o. (LLC)
• joint stock/share company
• Association (non-profit entity)
• Foundation (non-profit entity)
• Trust (non-profit entity)

Ready-made companies

A ready-made company makes your business start much easier. You can acquire it within couple of hours if you are present in the Czech Republic and if you can provide all the required documents to us. We offer a ready-made s.r.o. (LLC) as well as akciova společnost (joint stock/share company)


• already existing new shelf companies (without any previous business activities and liabilities)
• can be sold immediately and you are the owner as of the time of the signing of the transfer documents
• general trade license included
• usually no visit to the notary is necessary
• income tax registered
• ready for business
• VAT registration not included (can be arranged depending on the type of business)

Company incorporation

• incorporation of a new company from the start
• can be done based on a Power of Attorney
• takes approximately 5 business days from the date of filing of all necessary documents
• notary visit necessary
• general trade license included
• tax registration necessary (can be arranged)
• VAT registration not included (can be arranged depending on the type of business)

Off shore structures

We can also advise you on establishment of offshore structures together with our tax advisor and help you to establish foreign companies and trusts if needed. We cooperate with reliable providers in many countries in order to save you time and money.

• Cyprus LLC or joint stock company
• Malta LLC or trust
• Hong Kong LLC or joint stock company