Start Up Businesses

Start Up Businesses

The Czech Republic has attracted more than 115 billion euros in foreign investment since 1993, including over 2.6 billion euros in 2017 alone. One-third of the 106 investment projects in 2017 were high-tech ones, either technologically oriented or linked to research and development activities. Prague, in particular, has become one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest startup ecosystems, proving to be a very friendly environment for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Some of the reason include the city’s low living costs and labor force costs as well as the country’s specialists who are not only knowledgeable of high-tech but also have a strong command of the English language. rutland & partners have the experience and expertise to get your high-tech ideas out of the laboratory and off the drawing board and into a successfully running business entity.



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Company Formation

rutland & partners are ready to you in choosing the right form and structure for your business in the Czech Republic, from a simple partnership to a publicly traded corporation.


We can help you with:
• Drafting of partnership and JV agreements
• Founding and registering a corporate entity
• Provision of a ready-made off-the-shelf corporation


Finding the funds to get a start-up off the ground is usually a basic problem for a new business in a new field. We can help you in your negotiations with sources of financing and in preparing documents that will protect your interests to the maximum extent.


We can:
• Assist in negotiating loans and equity participation, including those for acquisitions, export financing and syndicated financing
• Prepare documentation for financing transactions
• Prepare public bond offerings and private placement of securities and financial instruments in the Czech Republic
• Obtain listing of bonds for trading on financial markets in the Czech Republic

Employment Matters

One key to business success is getting and keeping the right employees. Establishing a clear relationship at the outset can avoid disagreements in the future.


rutland & partners attorneys have assisted many employers with:
• manager agreements and other documentation governing the relations between employer and employee in the Czech Republic
• termination of employment, dismissal of employees
• employment-related disputes with employees or managers
• company work rules, codes of practice, and other internal policies of the employer
• compensation and benefits
• Obtaining working permits for foreign employees

Intellectual Property

A start-up’s biggest asset at the beginning is its intellectual property. We can help you register your rights to ensure your ownership. rutland & partners are fully prepared to stand up to defend the rights of their clients in the products of their hard work and creative endeavors. To that end, they are skilled and experienced in all forms of intellectual property rights law.


They know how to:
• Register patents, trademarks and other protections for intellectual property
• Negotiate and draft licensing agreements and other transfers of intellectual property rights.
• Represent you before Czech courts to enforce your rights and prevent their infringement.