Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation & Arbitration

Legal environment in the Czech Republic is fairly stable and courts render independent decisions. Nonetheless, the legal history and court adjudicated precedents do not have a long history. In addition, the Czech laws are changed frequently which makes the legal system often confusing. On top of this, many industries are also unnecessarily overregulated by the state. This creates a necessity for a client with a dispute in the Czech Republic, either in a commercial field or in litigation with the state, to engage a good and experienced litigator.


rutland & partners Czech litigation lawyers have long term experience gained in course of their practices in wide range of dispute resolutions. We work quickly, give clear advice and always try to keep our fees as low as possible. Prior to filing of claim with a court, we always seek to find an amicable way to resolve the dispute and negotiate for you advantageous settlement. In case the claim is filed with the court, we try to have it resolved as quickly as possible and push the court to make the decision as Czech court procedures can take years.


Finally, rutland & partners is one of the top Czech law firms representing clients in administrative disputes and appeals with the Czech state bodies or local municipalities.



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Czech Court Litigation

We act for broad spectrum of medium to large size businesses as diverse as IT, construction firms, commercial landlords, hotels, marketing companies, architect firms and owners of media in disputes in the Czech Republic in cases involving compensation for damages, invalidity of general meetings, employment litigation and bankruptcy related disputes with the insolvency trustee.


We can assist you namely with:

• Czech shareholder disputes
• Commercial litigation
• Construction litigation
• Czech employment law litigation
• Bankruptcy connected litigations
• Loan litigations and Enforcements

Czech Administrative Litigation

As mentioned above, many industries in the Czech Republic are highly regulated and administrative procedures and permits may take extremely long, and/or are denied. We are highly recognized litigators in the field of administrative appeals, ranging from tax appeals, through construction permit appeals, to appeals connected to denial of stay in the Czech Republic. A specialized litigator is extremely necessary in these cases, as the appeal deadlines are very short and the decision making practice of the relevant state body must be taken into account when filing the appeal (administrative bodies in the Czech Republic are often no so well versed in the law as the courts are, and therefore a good litigator can often help you to win the appeal).


The following are our fields of expertise:
• Administrative appeals in real estate development matters
• Tax litigation
• Immigration Appeals
• Permits regarding imports of protected animals

Czech Arbitration Court Proceedings

As well as in courts, we represent clients in front of the Czech Arbitration Court. Such procedure is more informal and quicker. As most of the disputes are resolved within one year, we always recommend clients to consider the Czech arbitration clause. We have represented numerous clients in joint venture disputes and general commercial disputes in front of the Czech Arbitration Court.