Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Legal Services for Corporations


Incorporating a business can have distinct advantages in terms of limiting both the liability of shareholders as well as their tax bills. rutland & partners attorneys can provide advice to small businesses and large international firms on how to structure their entities in the Czech Republic to their greatest advantage. Our services range from the simplest, most routine work (creating and registering a corporation, the usual corporate agenda) to advising in the most difficult and complex projects that have international ramifications and significant tax implications—always ensuring timely performance and cost effectiveness.



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Creating New Commercial Entities

What form for doing business is most appropriate for your situation? The choice ranges from sole proprietorship through partnerships to various types of incorporated entities. All offer advantages and disadvantages in terms of how fast you can get into business, protection from liability for claims of creditors, and tax issues. Rutland & Partners have years of experience in the Czech Republic with forming corporations and managing their legal affairs. We can help you:


  • choose and register the right form and structure for your business in the Czech Republic, from a simple partnership to a publicly traded corporation.
  • Establish a registered office to be the official address in the Czech Republic of your incorporated company, association or other legal entity.
  • Organize and conduct meetings of shareholders and other corporate bodies, and keep appropriate records of resolutions and other actions taken
  • Stay compliant with relevant national laws across multiple jurisdictions

Planning and Implementing Takeovers, Restructurings and Liquidations of Companies

A management buyout is sometimes appealing to professional managers because of the greater potential rewards from being owners of the business rather than employees. The financing required is often quite substantial and is usually a combination of debt and equity that is derived from the buyers, financiers and sometimes the seller. Rutland & Partners attorneys have long experience in acquisitions of corporations in the Czech Republic and can provide the advice you need to successfully transition from employee to owner. Our services include:


  • Due diligence to inform of conditions of titles and financial obligations
  • Negotiation with owners and banks or other financing entities
  • Advice and assistance with issuance of new equity
  • Tax issues

Handling Issues of Joint Ventures

Joint ventures can take many different forms. The parties must document how they will share profits and losses experienced by the venture and clearly spell out contributions of cash, property and/or services, as well as distributions during or upon the termination of the venture.  Rutland & Partners attorneys can help the parties to clearly spell out the legal boundaries of their overall relationship. This may include:


  • Advice concerning issues of confidentiality, non-competition after dissolution of the joint venture, sharing of business opportunities, terminations, buyouts, etc.
  • Negotiating and drafting the documents that establish the joint venture and address such issues
  • Tax issues
  • Mediating and litigating disputes