Immigration Appeals & Criminal Law

Immigration Appeals & Criminal Law

Foreigners in the Czech Republic often face denial of their Czech residence permits for number of technical or bureaucratic reasons. But a good Czech immigration layer can help. Not all denials are justified and some of them can be reversed.


Czech criminal law is also quite strict and this can be a surprise for foreigners in the Czech Republic, Czech police often uses a detention without bail. A good Czech criminal lawyer can substantially increase your chances in getting the police accusations dismissed or to substantially lower your sentence.


As a foreigner you can easily get in trouble in the Czech Republic when you do not know the specific rules. The allowed amout of drug possesion or alcohol level while driving could catch you by suprise. For this reason, should you get arrested it is best to turn to an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible.


Appeals may be launched for any kind of residence – long-term residence, permanent residence, blue or employee cards, etc. If you come after your stated deadline, Pavol is skilled in launching actions against the declined appeals as it is possible you could be granted residence until the process is over. He has helped many clients in conflicts with the Ministry of Interior request a bridging visa and has succeeded in having some departure orders by the MOI cancelled, including when the decision by the Ministry is unlawful.


We are also experienced in criminal defense, having dealt often with drug offences, DUI, assaults and other criminal offenses. It is very important to deal with criminal issues properly since they can cause problems with your residence matters as well. In other words, the best course of action for Czech nationals in a criminal process might not be the best one for you.


Scope of Services


Immigration appeals in case of denial of applications for:


Long-term residence (all purposes, including studies, business, family reunification, etc.)
• Employee card (together with appeals against denial of applications for a of employer or taking up employment in an additional job)
• Temporary residence of the EU citizen
• Permanent residence both for EU or non-EU citizens
• Blue card


As well as in cases of:
• Deportation
• Detention related with the deportation
• A decision resulting in the obligation to leave the Czech republic
• The asylum process actions

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