Background Checks

Background Checks

rutland & partners can offer you a comprehensive searches in respect to business partners, debtors, heirs and/or employees on the territory of the Czech Republic (both individuals and legal entities).


  • Background checks on business partners.

If you are contemplating a joint venture or acquisition in the Czech Republic we can obtain information about legal condition, corporate history, financial condition, assets, business reputation etc. of your potential partner.


  • Background check on contractors.

We can assist you with collection of information about the contractor; its  legal status, financial condition and/or verification of its business reputation. Analysis of the collected data about the contractor helps to identify possible risks in further mutual cooperation.


  •  Enforcement of the cross border debt and debtor asset location

In case you need to find a debtor or his assets in the Czech Republic we can assist you with such location (mainly real estate). In addition we are experts in the international debt collection and can enforce your foreign judgements in the Czech Republic.


  • Property search in the Czech Republic

We have more than 20 years in experience in Czech property searches and can search the full chain of the property ownership which is necessary if you wish to obtain real estate property in the Czech Republic. In addition we can check all regulatory aspects (permits) in connection with the property.


  • Search for heirs or ancestors

We offer also searches for individuals for the purposes of inheritance abroad. We also provide searches for Czech ancestors in case of citizenship claims.


As a law firm we are obliged to keep all matters strictly confidential.  Through a cooperation with a forensic accounting and detective agency we can also offer additional services in the area of white collar crime.


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