Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

There are tax implications for whatever you do. Decisions made today affect your tax burden in the future. Our goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with the complexity of tax regulation while maximising tax efficiency.


With the background of a strong international group Andersen Global, Our experts have learned and can continue to learn from the best practices in tax and advisory services.


The Czech Republic offers outstanding opportunities to build partnerships in dynamic, high-potential industrial, financial and information technology sectors. rutland & partners has extensive experience in the Czech Republic and abroad, and the knowledge to assist their clients in the full range of transactions involving privatization, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring of corporate entities. Our team is prepared to guide our clients from initial exploration of the possibilities for investment to the full realization of profitable, advantageously structured operations in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Central Europe.


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• corporate income tax: our dedicated CIT team has a wealth of experience in this sector particularly regarding structuring of interest deduction from financing and deductibility upon sale of assets or during lifespan of the real estate transaction.


• value added tax: we are prepared to structure VAT so that maximum input VAT is claimed and negative tax consequences especially on termination of lease are mitigated.


• due diligence: our tailored due diligence services help prospective purchasers of property investment companies assess the underlying business or asset purchases and validate the key financial assertions on which the proposed acquisition is to be based


• valuation/appraisal: we have experience with the valuation of production facilities and large shopping centres and our services include both market valuation and valuation for tax purposes


• accounting outsourcing: we can help you free up valuable resource and reduce costs by taking care of your bookkeeping, preparation of annual financial statements, preparation of management reports, budget forecasting, etc.


• statutory audit: we consistently seek to use all our audit findings to aid the client in optimizing the return on their endeavour – we want to be your partner in business.


• forensic audit: we provide a thorough investigation and a clear and concise presentation of facts to determine the matters at issue.


• litigation support: we can assist with loss claims, provide an objective evaluation of evidence, focus on core issues, and report on it accurately


High-end fashion and retail street building in Prague – we assisted our client with all steps related to the merger (due diligence, structuring, etc., we also provided accounting services and reporting until the selling of company and related due diligence


Vinohrady residential houses – we assisted with setting up the the group policies and invoicing, VAT and other issues and with the selling of residential building to investors together with the related due diligence


Shopping centres – we provide general tax advisory, corporate income tax returns services, transaction advisory to an international group, which builds and manages more than 20 shopping centres in the Czech Republic


Pařížská rent – in order to minimize our clients risks we assessed the rental contract from the tax point of view
• Warehouses – we supported Sklady Hodonín with management buy in, restructuring of the group, spin-off with subsequent merger and valuation