One key to business success is getting and keeping the right employees. rutland & partners attorneys have long experience in preparing employment contracts, ensuring compliance with laws on social insurance and employer-employee relations, and dealing with the occasional dispute. They also have years of experience in establishing, documenting and obtaining permission for employment of foreign employees by Czech employers and of Czech employees by foreign employers. This includes choice of the most advantageous form of employment relationship and complex issues of compensation, taxation, health coverage and pension insurance.

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Michal Dobiáš has been advising in the field of employment law already as a law student in the pro bono advisory group. He then gained experiences advising corporate client and also expats as lawyer of our law firm. Now, he is the head of our labor law team.

Employment and Managerial Contracts

Our attorneys can put their expertise to work for you ensuring that your employment contracts conform to the latest European and Czech rules, including those affecting pensions and other employee benefits.


We frequently assist with:

• Employment contracts for managers and other employees
• Terminations and dismissals of employees, including in connection with winding up of the affairs of an employer
• Disputes in the course of employment

Labor Relations

Around 40% of employees in the Czech Republic are covered by collective bargaining agreements, most arrived at through company-level negotiations. Collective bargaining in the Czech Republic can take place at the industry level or at the level of the individual company. Employees are usually represented in negotiations by trade unions, either in the individual workplace or nationally. Pay is the top issue in negotiations, although other issues such as working time, work organization and employers’ contributions to pensions can also be subjects of negotiations.


rutland & partners attorneys are ready to assist in:
• Drafting of employment regulations and other internal rules of employers
• Issues of workplace safety and health
• Setting remuneration of employees
• Collective bargaining agreements and relations with trade unions
• Employment issues arising from restructuring of companies

Employment of Foreigners in the Czech Republic

Czech immigration policy is becoming more restrictive. It is necessary to prepare all documents for any type of visa application with care and pay close attention to collecting required documents. If an application is rejected, either for an initial entry visa or prolongation of a long-term residency permit, the assistance of a well-qualified and experienced Czech immigration lawyer, like those on the staff of rutland & partners is absolutely necessary.


Our attorneys have the experience to help you in successfully:
• Obtaining working permission in the Czech Republic for foreigners
• Extending work permits
• Obtaining Czech “employee cards” and “Blue cards”
• Securing recognition of foreign diplomas in the Czech Republic
• Preparing employment contracts for citizens of foreign countries