It is always uncomfortable when a relationship ends up in a dispute. In these situations, people must fight their former business partners, landlords, employers, neighbours or even family members. The dispute can concern money, ownership of real estate, disposition with personal property (movables), compensation of damage etc. Very often the emotions are high and the disputes escalate. Good lawyer always tries to facilitate mutually acceptable solution which prevents lengthy court proceeding. If that is not possible, it is necessary to have a professional who can navigate the client through the procedurally complicated court proceeding and provide the court with both clear summary of client’s case and convincing legal argumentation why client’s claim should be confirmed.


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Key contacts

Michal Dobiáš leads the individual litigation team. He has experience with representation of our clients in a broad scale of disputes – from business debt collection (unpaid invoices) to specialised fields like employment and medical negligence litigation. Therefore, he has a solid understanding how the courts work and is able to provide clients his best estimate what their chances in the dispute are and what will be the most likely development of the court case. He was able to negotiate settlements even in complicated situations both in the pre-trial stage and during the running court proceeding.

Pre-trial stage

At the beginning our lawyers review the case and suggest a most effective solution (or several alternatives) how to deal with the situation.


  • assessment of the case and chances of the parties
  • representing client in the negotiations with the counterparty
  • drafting settlement agreement
  • pre-trial notice

Court proceeding

In case the out-of-court solution is not possible, the case must be brought to court. Our law firm can of course fully represent you in this stage.


  • collecting evidence
  • drafting court action
  • representing at oral hearings
  • appellative proceedings