Immigration team of a Prague based law firm rutland & partners  provide top legal service for foreign citizens who are entitled to acquire the Czech citizenship. You can obtain Czech citizenship if you have been residing in the Czech Republic for 3 or 5 years (EU citizens/non-EU citizens), or if you have Czech ancestors who left the country in the past cca 100 years – both types of clients can turn to us with the goal of obtaining a Czech passport, and to have access to the countries of the European Union without Schengen visa requirement. Even if you do not qualify for obtaining Czech citizenship through ancestry, your residence status can be upgraded by obtaining the permanent residence through being a member of a Czech compatriot community and subsequentely be eligible for Czech citizenship. We can also assist with the test on determination of paternity since it is another possible way of obtaining Czech citizenship.


rutland & partners is the top Czech law firm to be engaged for gaining Czech citizenship and has 100 % success rate in the citizenship cases (subject to the positive outcome of our preliminary investigation) and provides its clients with expert guidance throughout the whole citizenship process. WE PROVIDE CLIENTS WITH A FREE WRITTEN CONSULTATION REGARDING CITIZENSHIP BY ANCESTRY!!!


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The following is more detailed description of the requirement for obtaining of Czech citizenship:

Czech citizenship for permanent residents

  • for non-EU citzens – after permanent residence of at least 5 years (including residence in the Czech Republic before turning 18 years)
  • for EU citizens – after permanent residence of at least 3 years
    (including residence in the Czech Republic before turning 18 years)
  • Also required (for both)
    • knowledge of
      • Czech language
      • Czech life
    • Czech health insurance
    • police clearance certificate, etc.

Czech citizenship through ancestry

  • The amendment to the Citizenship Act significantly expands possibilities of obtaining Czech citizenship for descendants of Czech expatriates – also children and grandchildren of Czech citizens who lost their citizenship (e.g. by acquiring citizenship by naturalization of another country) are now entitled to gain the Czech citizenship
  • Newly qualified – people whose at least one grandparent was (or is) Czech citizen and who is not a citizen of Slovakia
  • Simple way for British citizens to retain the EU passport after the Brexit
  • Great way to strengthen ties with ancestral home and keep the family heritage
  • Obtaining of the Czech citizenship this way does not require revocation of current citizenship, dual citizenship is possible under Czech law

Permanent residence permit based on membership in a Czech compatriot community abroad

  • The candidate has to prove his/her Czech roots through evidence such as – family documents from the registry office (birth and marriage certificate, certificate of domicile…), knowledge of Czech language, documents stating czech citizenship of the candidate or his/her ancestors
  • Also his/her family members (wife/husband/minor children) can obtain this confirmation, but only after it was granted to the person, who had Czech ancestors
  • Membership in a Czech compatriot community abroad is ethnical, not territorial matter