The Czech Republic is the most proLGBT country in the Eastern and Central Europe. It is almost 15 years since it is possible to conclude a registered partnership for gay couples in the Czech Republic. Our liberal mindset has its roots in the communist era as we realize how important is the freedom.


Right now a wide discussion about the same-sex marrige is held in the Czech society. Also a draft of an Act on same-sex marriage is currently being discussed in the Czech Chamber of Deputies. Ban of all forms of discrimination is part of the Czech constitution.


We are here to help you with your constitutionally guaranteed rights.


Key contacts

If you are currently experiencing or have experienced any form of discrimination or humiliation because you are gay, bisexual, or transgender, you have the right to speak up and find the right LGBT lawyer for your case – a specialist from rutland & partners.


rutland & partners, law firm provides legal services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and couples mainly regarding:

Civil partnerships

  • We are here to guide you through the whole proces of the civil partnership under the Czech law.


  • At work or during administrative procedures

Prenuptial agreements

  • Nowadys when the percentage of divorecs is high (about 50%) it is always good to protect your income and property

Adoption and adoption rights for gay couples

  • rutland & partners specialists will help you with all the requirements under the Czech family law

Family reunification

  • We assist clients with reunification of EU or third country partners