December 12, 2019

Changing jobs for foreigners in the Czech Republic

Changing jobs for foreigners in the Czech Republic


A foreigner who resides in the Czech Republic on the basis of an employee card and wishes to change his employer or wishes to have a different and/or additional job with the same employer is obligated to notify the Department of Asylum and Migration policy of the Ministry of the Interior in advance.


To notify the Ministry of Interior, the foreigner must either go there personally, send the notification by mail, via data box or by email with a guaranteed electronic signature. The notification must be filled out on a special form, which can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior. The form must be filled out in accordance to the instructions included with it.


To be able to submit this form, the foreigner must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. He must already have a Czech employee card
  2. The form has to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the first day of the new job
  3. The foreigner has had his employee card for at least 6 months, unless he was fired while in the probationary period, left by agreement for the same reasons or due to immediate termination in accordance to § 56 of the Labor code
  4. The new employer is not a job agency
  5. Past employment has been terminated 60 days ago or earlier. Abiding to this deadline is crucial, as non-compliance will lead to the rejection of the notification and ultimately to the termination of the employee card.


The foreigner is obligated to submit these documents along with the notification form:

  1. A document, which proves if the current/last work relationship between the employee and employer still exists, or if it ended and if so, when. (Termination notice or agreement in most cases)
  2. An employment contract with the new/future employer regarding your future position
  3. A written statement from the future employer that the foreigner has the proper qualifications for the job.


If you do not fulfill the conditions or do not submit these documents in time, you might lose your employee card all together. All of these documents must be submitted either in the Czech language or be officially translated. The employee can only start at his new job after he and his employer receive a “Notification of compliance” from the ministry, if all of the conditions are fulfilled.



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